Buddy Sessions

£35Or 10 sessions for £300
  • 10 Session Payment Can Be Made In 2 Installments

Pay Per Session


Group Training

  • £10 Each. Minimum Of Four People Training Together

Bespoke Nutrition & Training Plan

  • Includes Body Composition Testing If Required

We offer different types of training to help our clients reach their goals:

Hypertrophy or Muscle Building

Our team design bespoke programmes that target the largest cross sectional area of muscle. By using a scientifically proven formula we create a maximal amount of tissue breakdown during the session. The growth phase occurs after the session and the laying down of new muscle tissue is optimised with an individually tailored nutritional plan. Over a sustained training period this will result in lean tissue gains.

Muscle building isn’t just for clients looking to build or alter their physique. This package is designed for those also looking to improve strength gains or increase muscle mass from injury or surgery rehabilitation.

A carefully structured programme accommodates the volume of training required to reach your individual goals while acknowledging the need for rest and recovery within your training regime.
With nutrition being fundamental to the results of your training this package also provides a full dietary programme. (Written by our Nutritionist Marvyn Bailey), it is designed to provide muscles with the optimal fuel and nutrients required for maximal strength and growth gains.
Your trainer will be on hand to continually assess your progression throughout the programme.

For optimum results our team would advise purchasing a course of at least 10 personal training sessions with the aim of training between three to four times per week.

Fat Loss

A wide range of factors affect a person’s ability to lose body fat. Through careful assessment of sleeping patterns, stress management, lifestyle choices, tailored nutrition and scientific training our team maximise the ability to promote fat loss.

Fat loss is one of the most common yet challenging goals, and the approach is different for each and every individual. Whilst the sense of euphoria for achieving your target weight seems a long way off, by combining scientifically proven training techniques, a structured diet plan and support and guidance from our expert team using a varied but structured approach, nothing is impossible.

Your body will be continually challenged through a combination of HIIT (high intensity interval training), resistance, circuit and cardiovascular training modules. This varied but structured programme is then tailored to your own specific fitness level, preventing the body from reaching a state of plateau and encouraging optimal fat loss.

Additionally our team will guide and support you through a nutritional plan (designed by Paleo nutritionist Marvyn Bailey) Regain your body confidence, improve your health and well-being and re-sculpt your physique on our Fat Loss Programme. Our expert team would advise purchasing at least a block of 10 personal training sessions and aiming to train at least twice a week.

Strength and Conditioning

Each athlete has specific needs and they can be established by breaking down factors unique to their sport or activity e.g. movement patterns, tempos, volumes and loads. We create a very specific training plan based on these factors.

Once the training plan has been constructed and timetabled in accordance to the athlete’s requirements, this scientific form of overload, adaption and progression ensures a better prepared athlete at the end.

Toning and Sculpting

Our toning and sculpting plans combine specific nutritional advice to progressively reduce body fat percentages, whilst maintaining lean muscle tissue.

If there is a specific weight category or weight target then these nutrition plans can be calorie controlled to hit these targets. The physical training focuses on maximising the visual definition effects of the muscle group.

Postural Rehabilitation

Good posture is about achieving correct length/tension relationships between muscle groups. As a general rule of thumb if agonists and antagonists are out of balance, one group will be overactive/tight whilst the other group will be lengthened/weak.

By very accurate assessment, including measurement of lumbar and thoracic curvature, pelvic tilts and torsions plus plumb line assessment, we know which areas of the body need to be targeted with either focused stretching or corrective strengthening exercises.

Lifestyle Coaching

Never underestimate the power of listening or having someone to listen to your doubts, fears, goals and reasoning. Our specialist trainers help clients to organise, reorganise and implement changes to set them on a path to improved well-being.

By changing or fine tuning some very simple lifestyle factors we can make vast improvements to people’s behaviour patterns, and as a result achieve some phenomenal results both physically and mentally.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular fitness is sometimes a bit of a forgotten discipline within an ever increasing world of strength and conditioning. That said the old-school style of simply jogging yourself into a catabolic state doesn’t particularly have many merits these days either.

Our trainers use the science behind cardiovascular training and apply its relevance to your set goals. Set heart rates zones during exercise or variable heart rate intervals are the focus of most cardiovascular sessions. Others will be very sport or task specific.

Careful control and monitoring of these sessions allows for physical development in these disciplines and also allows for us to see whether an athlete is performing the correct exercise for their current physical condition.

Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility determines the quality of your movement patterns and often balance of flexibility within groups of muscles is of more importance than flexibility alone.

By performing functional movement screens we see how these muscle groups work with each other and which particular muscles need lengthening or sometimes shortening. We use traditional forms such as static or dynamic stretches.

Pre and Post Natal Fitness

During and after pregnancy the female form undergoes a whole host of physical changes. Hormone levels alter, joint integrity is compromised, blood pressure changes, some muscle groups may be forced into a separated position and all of these need to be considered when training.

Each trimester presents different challenges and this is reflected in your tailored programme. After pregnancy there are similar alterations that need to be addressed to bring your body back to it pre pregnancy form. Rest assured though our trainers have the knowledge to safely guide you through your journey.

Health Rehabilitation

Modern day health problems can be attributed to a number of factors such as overworking, under-sleeping, worrying about financial situations, eating toxic foods, foods that cause inflammation and digestive problems, over-eating, under-eating, moving incorrectly, not moving enough and the list goes on.

The skills that our trainers possess allow us to identify factors that can negatively affect your health and find a manageable solution that fits within your day to day routine. Believing in changing for the better will have a hugely positive effect on your life.

Ski Fit Training

Ski Fit training is designed to ensure that you can face the mountains with confidence. The Ski Fit Training focuses on all the physical aspects needed for creating a better skier.

Increase overall muscle strength and correct imbalances from left to right side through single sided exercise, improve heart and lung capacity through cardiovascular training and enhance both your flexibility and mobility through specifically designed movements and drills.