Marvyn Bailey

Marvyn Bailey

Marvyn now has over fifteen years of personal training experience, working with many different people and helping them to achieve their aims and goals.

A former Rugby athlete and strength & Conditioning coach. Marvyn has worked within the fitness industry for over a decade and is one of Wales most sought after Personal Trainers. Marvyn has worked with high profile clients from the worlds of sport, business, fashion and entertainment. Highly respected within his field, he is a regular contributor to fitness magazines, writing Training and Nutrition articles.

Marvyn is a published writer of Paleo Nutrition. You will feel safe in the knowledge that you are working with a trainer possessing a comprehensive understanding of the latest scientific research regarding all aspects of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Marvyn guarantees results and will gladly refund you if you are not seeing and feeling the benefits of his sessions and advice.

Marvyn’s training methods are all about ensuring you achieve results. His sessions are focused but always fun and energetic. After all, what’s the point in exercising isn’t enjoyable?

Marvyn’s Specialties:

 Full Body Conditioning pic Nutrition pic Rehabilitaion and injury prevention pic  Boxing & Padwork Training pic cardiovascular training pic  Sport Performance pic Fat Loss pic muscle conditioning & training pic

Full Body Conditioning, Nutrition, Injury & Rehabilitation, Boxing, Cardiovascular, Sports Performance, Fat Loss, Muscle Conditioning.