When I was younger I was very overweight and decided something needed to drastically change. I became passionate about training, fitness, nutrition and playing Rugby. I was lucky enough to play n New Zealand, Wales, Scotland and Ireland during my career.

With the luxury of plenty of free time around my rugby training I trained as a personal trainer and nutritionist. I started training clients and fellow players . I thoroughly enjoyed helping others achieve their goals and seeing their characters and confidence grow,

In 2010 when persistent injuries and being diagnosed with CFS/ME illness forced me to retire from rugby, it presented me the opportunity to go full time with the Personal Training.

I am proud of my reputation as a trainer who gets excellent results with one-to-one personal training. I have now assembled a team of trainers who across two locations.

Our expert team represent the best in the industry. Their depth of technical and scientific knowledge is evident in our style and approach, both from a diet and fitness perspective.

Clients train with us because our results speak for themselves. We’re not about the latest fads and trends but tried and tested methods founded on the latest industry thinking, with our clients at the heart.

We do not judge or critique but work with each person to find a solution that is unique to them. Following an initial consultation (focusing on diet, fitness and lifestyle) our programmes are underpinned by fundamental philosophies which provide the stimulus for our clients to achieve great results.

From a cardiovascular perspective, we use the most efficient styles of training to best achieve the physiological adaptions required. Our ability to use the science behind the training in a fun and dynamic format means sessions are both enjoyable and effective.

We can show you how to train efficiently and make the most of your time exercising, there’s no need to be spending hours in the gym on mundane cardio equipment, the quality of your training far outweighs the quantity.

So whether you are looking to build muscle, loose weight, build confidence or have any other fitness goals, one of our team can help you.