❗️Attention Ladies ❗️
Coming soon in January 2019
BRAND NEW 10 week Learn to Liift with MB Fitness Training

Open to Females only!

This programme allows you to learn how to lift weights properly so that you can train with confidence and feel like you are getting somewhere.

The course will develop your knowledge and technique on how to maximise your time working out. Specifically designed to teach you exactly how to warm up properly, keep mobilised and how to lift weights with good technique, We will teach you the best way of sculpting that body you want to achieve.

We will work on metabolic conditioning as part of the course to not only get you strong but also cardiovascular fit.

Training will take place twice a week as a small group with a maximum of 6 ladies per group.

You will be provided with your own training booklet to track your progress along with nutrition guidelines and a plan.

We will also track your progress by using body measurements.

Included in the package is your training plan to follow when your working out on your own.
You will also receive a MB Fitness training vest.

10 weeks to learn, perform, develop and maximise your strength training potential!
Cost of the course is £240 (can be split into 2 payments)
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