Ladies…. What’s holding you back from training with weights?

#1 – Lifting Makes Ladies Bulky

This may be the biggest myth holding women back from lifting, and it needs to be addressed. Anyone who has been lifting and strength training for a while knows that lifting with heavy weights doesn’t bulk you up. In fact, those really big guys pushing it in the weight section have worked very hard, spending hours and hours there to get so bulky. They eat seriously restricted diets and a ton of protein to get there.
A typical person doing a few weekly sessions of heavy weight lifting will not get bulky. What you will get is leaner and more defined. The real result of moderate weight training is losing fat and developing muscle tone.

#2 – Gyms are Intimidating

Women interested in starting weight training, but who are intimidated, really need the right guide. A good trainer to teach form and set up a reasonable starting routine that builds and develops as she gets stronger is the key to helping her feel more confident. Lifting is for everyone and is scalable, even for beginners who are coming straight from doing no training at all.
At my private studio I can teach you the most effective ways to train correctly, you will gain the skills and knowledge to give you the confidence to walk into any public gym and put a session together without feeling like your out of place.

#3 – Little Weights Are Enough

Some women will say they already lift, but its not as beneficial as heavy lifting. Of course, this is relative and different for everyone, so it is important to figure out an appropriate place to start. Heavy lifting means using weights that allow you to do eight to ten reps in a row.

#4 – Lifting is Not for Older Women

Of course the ranges of motion and the weights used are likely to be smaller for older clients, but they still can and should lift. As we get older we lose both muscle and bone mass and lifting can slow or or even reverse that. Studies prove post-menopausal women found that those who engaged in twice-weekly, high-intensity strength training increased bone density, muscle mass, strength, and balance.
Lifting is for kids and teens too!

#5 -What about Cardio?
Cardio makes you sweat and breathe hard and feels like you’re really doing something.

But as we know, cardio is not the magic bullet for weight loss. Yes, it burns calories while it’s happening, but as soon as the cool down is done and the heart rate is back to normal, so is metabolism and calorie burning. With heavy lifting, on the other hand, the body continues to burn more calories than normal for hours, up to 24 hours, after the training session.

Cardio is great for a calorie burn, for endurance and fitness, and of course for heart health. It is also an important part of an overall weight loss or maintenance plan, but it isn’t everything. Women get the most health benefits, weight loss, and fat burn from doing both cardio and strength training, while of course also eating a sensible diet.

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