I started my journey with Marvyn back in September 2015 after a bad break up and it was the best decision in my life I have made, it has changed both me and my life completely.

I have always been ‘cuddly’ since I was a teenager and although I have always been a happy go luck kind of girl, it got to a stage where I had enough and wanted to take action. Back in 2013 I joined Slimming World after being diagnosed with PCOS and was advised by my doctor that losing weight would help my symptoms. I lost 4.5 stone with them in a 7 month period. I had gone from a size 28/30 down to a size 20/22.

After a holiday in New York indulging on the American temptations, I struggled to get back into the Slimming World way and stay on the plan. I become complacent in the fact that I knew what I was doing and it was wrong. I started to pile the weight back on straight away. I re-joined s world a few times to try again but struggled and then gave up, I put almost ¾ of the weight back on, stopped the little exercise I was doing too which was cardio based.

I rejoined One-to-One Gym in 2015, where I begin going back to the same routine of light cardio sessions for 1hr each time. I had always been afraid of the weights or coming away from the same old long cardio sessions and the thought of classes or a spin bike scared me, although I had always thought to myself maybe one day… knowing full well that was never going to happen. I was clueless but I knew it was time that I had to do something if I was to get back to on track and hit my goals of losing weight for my sister’s wedding as I was to be a bridesmaid.

I saw Marvyn’s posters around the gym and around my local area and thought why not and went for it, I have never looked back, it was the best decision I have ever made.

When I first started with Marvyn, I really didn’t know what to expect as I was pretty self-conscious and was afraid of stepping outside my comfort zone. He introduced me to the Paleo diet and a whole new world of exercise, weights and functional fitness methods with so much guidance and support.

Through Marvyn’s support, encouragement and sessions twice a week along with following the Paleo diet I started to see but more importantly feel the difference, my fitness levels were improving, I was enjoying the session and the variety, started doing the different weight exercises and interval training sessions, I had come completely away from the old cardio only routine.

We did my first weigh in just before my sister’s wedding in May 2016, where I had already started seeing a big change in my shape and size. Having had my original bridesmaid dress measurements just as I started with Marvyn, I was at a stage where I was having to go back and have alterations done because it was too big and I was still losing weight. I had gone from a size 26 down to a 20/22 but my whole body shape had changed this time around, I was starting to feel more toned and I felt so much healthier in myself.

I remember from day one and our first session telling Marv that I hated running and at that point I had no endurance and would give up very easily, one year later, in 2016 I have completed the Cardiff Half Marathon, joined a running club and I have signed up for future half marathons.

I’m know I am still in progress and got a long way to go but I know I through the amazing support from Marvyn and continual dedication, I will do it and meet my goals.