“I have known Gruff over 10 years, since school. I personally have always been an active person and enjoyed Physical activity, and professionally was a dancer for 5 years.

A year ago I came home hoping to peruse a career in fitness, therefore contacted Gruff for some help and can hand on my heart say it had changed my life.
We started training together and I can honestly say the gym didn’t feel like a “chore”

I woke up daily excited yet nervous for what was in store.

Personally Gruff is one of my true friends, but professionally he is one of the most honest, motivating and encouraging and inspirational trainers I have ever worked with. He took my out of my comfort zone and helped me with my strength training, and I was pushed to eventually take part in a 15km Spartan Race. He helped motivate me with my diet (as this is my weakness) and proved that eating healthy and working out can be fun.

I gained strength, reduced my body fat and have never felt physically and mentally healthier.

With the help and encouragement from Gruff, I am now a fully qualified fitness instructor myself and would recommend Gruff to anyone, no matter what level of fitness.”