When I started working with Marvyn, November 2014, I weighed just over 15 stone and was a size 16. I’m now 10 stone 5 pounds and a size 10, and I feel great!
Back then a typical breakfast was cereal or porridge, a sandwich for lunch and maybe a ready made curry, rice and naan bread in the evening. Whilst we did cook at home, this usually had some high-carb element to it, such as rich, cous-cous, pasta or bread.

Marvyn tought me that changes to our diet could be made that didn’t involve counting points, weighing ingredients and other tedious ‘chores’. For example, we’ve substituted sweet potato for white potato, cauliflower rice for normal rice, and coconut oil for normal oil. A typical breakfast now is mixed berries, nuts and natural yoghurt. For lunch maybe an omelette, or homemade soup. And evening meal something like haddock with homemade sauce and vegetables, or homemade curry with cauliflower rice.

My physical exercise before was generally limited to my work. I’ve since been going to the gym generally two to three times a week, including sessions with Marvyn once or twice a week.

He has brought the best out in me, his style and methods have worked wonders. He taught me that if I am prepared to put the work in, the results will come – and they have.