Sam Griffiths

sam griffiths

I’ve been training with Lloyd for an over a year now and he has pushed me to my limits and beyond. I would always try to go to the gym myself and do about 10 minutes of each machine or a class but it never got me anywhere I never saw or felt results, well to be honest that’s if I even bothered to turn up.

I would have never thought a year ago that I would be lifting weights, run a lap or even be able to touch my toes!!! Lloyd has been brilliant trainer, he’s patient and understands the struggles of his clients – even though he doesn’t accept the excuses and I’ve come up with a fair few on those bad days. But I’ve always turned up for my training twice a week and walked out feeling I have accomplished something.

Every session is different and I’m not going to lie they aren’t always easy but they aren’t meant to be. If you want someone to show you new ways of training, the correct way of lifting, and talk to you about diet then you’re in the right place.